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PLC Sponsorship Within 5 Miles of ClocktowerInterested in becoming a Portage Lakes Community Sponsor?

Team PLX sponsor pages are available to anyone within 5 miles of the clock tower (on Portage Lakes Drive) and are  perfect for every business, event, or organization around Portage Lakes!

Portage Lakes Community is managed by content management company EZ Web Center, aka TEAM PLX. For more information, contact Maria at or call 330-818-5588.

PLC Sponsorship is Perfect For Local:

  • Shops & Stores – repair shops, restaurants, specialty stores, markets, service providers and more.
  • Service Providers – plumbers, painters, accountants, tailors, insurance agents, realtors, massage therapists and more.
  • Clubs & Organizations – boat & yacht clubs, sports clubs, women’s, men’s, and youth organizations, etc.
  • Special Events & Shows – boat shows, car cruise-ins, music, fireworks displays, festivals and many other recreational events.

Sponsorship is ONLY $25* PER MONTH!

Your Sponsor Package Includes:

  • Full Webpage – pictures, slideshows, links to your website, Google Map of your location, and optional video capable, updated as needed
  • Facebook Links & Shares – our Facebook page shares your page posts and events, as well as posts links to your PLC Sponsor page
  • Co-Op Marketing Share –  all of our sponsor fees are combined and 100% re-invested in online marketing through Google pay-per-click and Facebook ads.

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Portage Lakes Community…. Our Neighbors, Your Network

Join us in creating an informative, up-to-date and FUN online community that highlights our Portage Lakes Paradise. When you sign up to be a PLC Sponsor, Team PLX will contact you to design your custom web page. call EZ Web Center at 330-818-5588 or email  for more information.

SAVE $50 —> ONLY $250

ONLY $150

*QUARTERLY = $75/3-months
12-Month Total = $300