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2016 Classic Boat Show - Portage Lakes 44319On Saturday June 25th plan to attend the Portage Lakes 41st annual antique and classic boat show. This free event will be held from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the “On Tap at the Harbor” restaurant and docks, on Portage Lakes Drive in Coventry, Ohio, just 5 miles south of downtown Akron. There will be over 50 beautiful wood and vintage fiberglass boats, both in the water and on land which display the elegance and craftsmanship of America’s skilled boat manufacturers.

There will also be a “Field of Dreams” with boats for sale on display.

The Antique and Classic Boat Society, an international organization devoted to the preservation and recognition of all types of personal watercraft with over 50 chapters throughout North America and Europe. The North Coast Ohio Chapter with over 120 members are very active in restoring, showing, and using their unique boats. Many of these members will have their boats on display at this show.

In the last few years, there has been growing interest in the original fiberglass boats which became popular in the late 1960’s as wood boat production was phased out due to shortages of mahogany, production costs, and desire for easier to maintain boats. Those earlier model fiberglass boats had unique designs influenced by the finned automobiles of the late 50’s and 60’s. You will see some of those boats at the show.

One very unique fiberglass boat manufacturer, Elite Craft, wanted to keep the “wood grained” look of the 30’s and 40’s mahogany grained runabouts with their cockpits forward of the “decked over” engine compartment. Only 350 of these very beautiful boats were made in the late 1980’s and we will have one of 20-foot Elite Craft on display at the show. See if you can spot the fiberglass boat that looks just like its earlier wood cousins. Here is a hint; the name on the transom tells the story, “Not Wood”.

There will also be some award winning boats from all around Ohio and as far away as New York. It will be a special occasion for a very rare 18’ 1947 Gar Wood Utility Sedan called “See Gar Go” shown in the water for the first time since it’s total 10-year restoration. There are estimated to be only 12 of these boats in existence and this one has been restored to exacting detail along with the original engine. The Sedan model has a wooden hardtop over the helm seat area with an open area around the engine box and seating across the back.

Also on display will be the boat featured on this year’s show poster, Portage Lakes resident Byron Kruger’s 1964 Chris Craft Golden Arrow, 19’ utility which has been beautifully restored.

Come and enjoy a lavish breakfast buffet and dockside dining next to the gleaming chrome and sparkling, varnished, floating works of art. The always popular collectable show posters and t-shirts will be for sale. Over 50 fine local businesses and organizations have sponsored this unique event that is one of the longest running antique boat shows in the U.S. Along with the North Coast Ohio Chapter, our co-sponsor of the show is the Portage Lakes Historical Society.

Don’t miss this celebration of summertime and beautiful boats on the Portage Lakes, Saturday June 25th, “OnTap at the Harbor”. For show and registration information contact the show chairman, Gil Maringer, 216-310-7475.


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Historic Canoes
1st Place: 1913 B.N. Morris 17’ Canoe
Owner; Jerry Welch of Akron, Ohio

Classic Wooden Outboards
1st Place: 1959 Sandusky Blue Water 16’
Owners; John & Betty Scheurer, Mansfield, Ohio

2nd Place: 1950 Century Imperial 13’ “Sleek Antique”
Owner: Terry Egert, Clinton, Ohio

Classic Fiberglass Outboards
1st Place: 1966 MFG Niagra 14’ “Little Blue”
Owners: Dave & Liz Nau, Shaker Heights, Ohio


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2016 Portage Lakes Classic Boat Show[/one_half_last]

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Late Classic Fiberglass Outboard
1st Place: 1989 Boston Whaler 15’ “Mischief”
Owner: Dave Rosenberger

Antique Runabout
1st Place: 1942 Century Seamaid, 17’ “Double Barrel”
Owners: Larry & June Prebis

Classic Runabout
1st Place: 1967 Century Arabian 20’, “Sweet Jane”
Owners: Mike and Jane Matusick, Hermitage, Pennsylvania

2nd Place: 1948 Chris Craft Deluxe Runabout, 18 “Diotima”
Owners: Murray & Sarah Hestley, Dundee, New York


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Contemporary Outboard
1st Place: 2016 Homebuilt 10’ “Squirt”
Owners: Rob & April Riedel, Medina, Ohio

Contemporary Inboard
1st Place: 1940-2009 Homebuilt 18’ “Dad’s Legacy”
Owners: Larry & Virginia Otermat, Ashland, Ohio

Classic Utilities
1st Place: 1964 Chris Craft Golden Arrow 19’ “Miss Adventure”
Owner: Byron Kruger, New Franklin, Ohio

2nd Place: 1961 Century Sabre
Owner: John Fox, Massillon, Ohio


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Fiberglass Utilities
1st Place: 1967 Larson Volero 18’
Owners: Jacob & Jessica Marcum, Tallmadge, Ohio



Fiberglass Runabouts
1st Place: 1969 Chris Craft Commander 19’ “Afishinado”
Owners: Dick and Karen DeFazio, Bemus Point, New York


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Best Chris Craft / Judges Choice
1957 Chris Craft Constellation 30’ “Miss Conduct”
Owners: Steve and Susan Littin, Huntsburg, Ohio

Most Original Boat
1969 Chris Craft Cavalier Ski Boat 17’
Owner: Dan White, Akron, Ohio

Best Owner Restoration
1947 Gar Wood Sedan, “See Gar Go”
Owners: Les & Marilyn Demaline, Avon, Ohio

People’s Choice – Best of Show
1957 Chris Craft Constellation 30’ “Miss Conduct”
Owners: Steve & Susan Littin, Huntsburg, Ohio


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Ned Mohrman Memorial TrophyPortage Lakes Boaters of the Year – Ross & Laurie Kieffer


Antique and Classic Boat Classifications

  • Historic: A boat built up to and including 1918
  • Antique: A boat built between 1919 and 1942 inclusive
  • Classic: A boat built between 1943 and 1975 inclusive
  • Late Classic: A boat built after 1976 and the year 25 years prior to the current year
  • Contemporary Classic: A wooden boat built within the last 25 years
  • Utility: A boat with the engine covered by a box with an open cockpit area
  • Runabout: A boat with the engine covered by decks that cannot be walked around
  • Outboard: A boat powered by an engine mounted on the transom



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